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    • CommentAuthorDeeDee3
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2010 edited
    Chrissy's gone, but I think her parents are a bigger train wreck than she is.
    Chrissy will probably be back and a bigger mess than when she left. LA? Come on!
    • CommentAuthorDeeDee3
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2010
    Yeah... But her folks? What's the deal?
    • CommentAuthorSaveAHorse
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2010
    Heavy hitters to fuel the fire. Matthew needs some local cheerleaders with serious cash.
    • CommentAuthorDeeDee3
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2010
    Love or money - one of the two is going to bring them down. It's got to. Maybe he'll be Matthew's new sidekick as he takes over Stonewalker?
    Hmmm... Doubt it. Matthew might let him feel like a sidekick, but he'll never actually give him any power. Eastman's a patsy.